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Celebrate Finding The Infinite Within
Body Mind Spirit

What Is Holarchy?

Holarchy is a connection between holons, where a holon is both a part and a whole. 

Words define our world, which is why holarchy is being chosen to represent a refined approach to physical, mental & spiritual development / synergy.  Most are familiar with hierarchyoligarchy, patriarchy, and matriarchy, yet none of these embody what comes closer to representing the perspective that we are each in relationship with creation as a fractal;  that to affect the larger macrocosmic scale outside ourselves, we can begin within our own microcosmic scale inside.  In a holographic picture, each part of the entire image contains all the information needed for the total hologram.  


To study the relationship of body, mind, & spirit with the perspective that the soul is something we grow, Holarchy studies the interdependence of these elements for a holistic practice that highlights changing out inner state of being to see a renewed resonance in the so-called outside world.

Welcome to Holarchy: the cosmic mechanics of inner space.  

What Is Holrchy
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Body Mind Spirit 

Image by Casey Horner
Image by David Monje

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Image by Casey Horner
"The wound is where the light enters you"

As we explore the unique ways in which we are shaped by the challenges in life, we have the opportunity to transmute our scarring into an essential element of our unique expression. 

"No man is an island – he is a holon."
-Arthur Koestler

Returning to a philosophy grounded in self as other puts us in a position of compassion and truly respectful power.  As we are all sharing the same template, self-mastery turns into a mirror for our community to build one another up.


Dive into the root of being starting with SPIRIT archetype


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— Monique Hale


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