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Cats: Forgotten History, Beta Sex Kitten Programming & Parasites




Robert Sapolsky Explains Toxoplasmosis


“every year BILLIONS of birds and mammals are killed by free-ranging domestic house cats, Felis catus. And millions of reptiles and amphibians on top of that.”

“Domestic cats are on the IUCN's list of the top 100 World's Worst Invasive Alien Species for their ability to decimate prey populations."

"Toxoplasmosis has been known to cause stillbirths in pregnant women, as well as birth defects such as blindness. The best way to prevent toxoplasmosis is to bring outdoor cats indoors to prevent parasites. In addition, women who are pregnant should avoid the fecal matter cats and have somebody else change the litter box, as toxoplasmosis is often transmitted this way."

“What else has vertically slit pupils and also occasionally hisses? The serpent. And who made his first biblical appearance as a snake? That’s right: Satan.”

“But it was in the Middle Ages that the tension between cats and Catholics began to escalate. In 1233, Pope Gregory IX’s “Vox in Rama,” a warning against the perils of witchcraft, accused its targets of canoodling with a black cat that was actually Lucifer in disguise. Although the pope also decried frogs and ducks, anti-feline prejudice quickly swept the church. Cats were burned and hurled from bell towers – a practice that is supposedly memorialized today in a bizarre annual festival in Ypres, Belgium. (Now, only stuffed cats are hurled, a reflection of our more humane age.)”

“Some historians, Engels included, even blame a resulting, continent-wide cat deficit for the subsequent devastation of the Black Death, thought to be spread by rats (though some research suggests cats can transmit plague directly to people). Left in peace, the thinking goes, Europe’s cats might have pounced upon the plague-ridden rodents, saving the lives of tens of millions of people.

Sadly, this idea doesn’t hold much water. Research has shown that cats are reluctant rat-killers at best, and cats that do kill plague-infected rodents often catch the plague themselves — and readily spread it to humans through fleas. It’s also highly unlikely that the ecclesiastical cat assassins, however hellbent, could have killed anywhere near enough cats to alter the Black Death’s trajectory. Cats are almost supernaturally good at surviving: Modern-day governments find it practically impossible to rid even small islands of invasive cat populations, let alone to purge a land mass the size of Europe. (It recently took several years and $3 million to rid one small California island of cats, which were dining on a threatened species of lizard.)”

“Doctors had long known of a mysterious parasite that can cause grave birth defects in human children, but they didn’t know where it came from. It wasn’t until 1969 that scientists realized that this creepy disease, toxoplasmosis, which has likely influenced the human constitution since prehistoric times, was spread exclusively by felines.

In the decades since, the story has gotten even spookier. Human fetuses are not the only ones affected: Toxoplasmosis, some research suggests, also holds sway over healthy adults and has been linked to ailments from obesity to brain cancer to schizophrenia. Some researchers even think that the cat parasite can manipulate human personality and behavior, causing infected people to become “attracted” to cats, and to otherwise be maneuvered by them.

All of this sounds an awful lot like witchcraft.

Yet in the years after the first wave of toxoplasmosis coverage, people did not forsake their cats, any more than most medievals did after Pope Gregory’s dire warnings. Indeed, the 1970s were when cats’ popularity as indoor pets began to skyrocket.”

“For example, one study found T. gondii infection to be associated with increased aggression in women and increased impulsivity in younger men. Another study detected a correlation between homicide rates and rates of T. gondii infection in the population. Other findings include links to suicide rates and even traffic accidents (hypothetically due to the effect of the parasite on characteristics like reaction time).”

“By far, though, it seems the most frequently investigated relationship between T. gondii infection and psychiatric abnormalities is the association between T. gondii and schizophrenia. Over 40 studies examining the relationship between T. gondii infection and schizophrenia or psychotic symptoms have been published since the 1950s. In 2012, a group of researchers synthesized data from 38 of these studies to determine if there was a consistent association between T. gondii infection and schizophrenia. The results of this analysis suggested that, across all of the studies included, individuals who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia were about 2.73 times more likely to also be infected with T. gondii.”

researchers have known for a while that motorcycle accident victims, for example, have about twice the chance of Toxo infection as the rest of the population.”

“Toxo modifies rat behavior so that rats are no longer afraid of cat smells; in fact infected male rats are sexually stimulated by the smell of cat urine. This changed behavior increases the chances the rat will be eaten by cats, and so the Toxo bugs are ingested and can reproduce in the cat’s gut.”

Dr. Death, whose real name is Dr. Dave Algar and who is the principal research scientist in the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions for the state of Western Australia, told me that he began developing the recipe for the poisoned sausages by examining cat food in supermarkets and observing which flavors most thrilled his own two cats. As Morse said: “They’ve got to taste good. They are the cat’s last meal.””

“These fatal airdrops owed their existence to Australia’s national government, which decided in 2015 to try to kill two million feral cats by 2020, out of grave concern for the nation’s indigenous wildlife — in particular, groups of small, threatened rodent and marsupial species for which cats have become a deadly predator. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology estimated that 211,560 cats were killed during the first 12 months after the plan was announced. Dropping lethal sausages from the sky is only part of the country’s efforts to eradicate feral cats, which also include trapping, shooting and devising all manner of poison-delivery vessels.”


“The Egyptian goddess Bast was represented by a cat, as was the Greek goddess of the underworld, Hecate.”

“They were observed playing with their prey, torturing mice before finally finishing them off, and this fed the popular belief that they were unpredictable and wicked.”

“Cats were brought to Europe from Egypt by the Romans and enjoyed a decent reputation for a long time—probably because they were such a boon to agricultural societies. Vermin did a number on harvests, but cats were nature’s perfect solution: they literally can’t eat anything that isn’t meat, which means that they pose no risk to the crops. Meanwhile, they need that meat on the regular and know how to get it, so they’re great at killing and eating vermin. My guess is this had something to do with ancient cat worship in places like Egypt, which made its clams by farming the fertile land around the Nile.”

“Medieval people were indeed superstitious (but so are modern people), and cats are great but, let’s face it—they’re assh*les. They fly in the face of the Christian idea of God putting the natural world and its creatures here for humanity’s benefit. People can make all manner of animals do what we like—we can teach oxen to plow, dogs to fetch game, elephants to paint, and ravens to hold grudges.2 But you can’t make a cat do anything. And that’s because its body is invested with the spirit of the Morning Star himself.”

"One extreme example is a cat in Rhode Island named Oscar, who lives in a nursing home. Oscar is known for predicting a patient’s death, and will climb onto the dying patient’s bed and stay with them until they die. Sometimes, Oscar will stay with the patient the day before death, or even a few hours beforehand.”

Pope Gregory IX(1145–1241) kicked off centuries of bad times for the black cat when he declared in the early 13th century that Lucifer was half-cat.”

“The bull describes a sect’s bizarre initiation rites. After being approached by a mysterious toad, the initiate kisses an emaciated pale man and poof! forgets all about the Catholic faith. Once they have a nice dinner, a statue of a black cat comes to life, walking backwards with its tail erect. The new initiate and then the master of the sect pucker up and kiss the cat on the buttocks.”

“The Cat Massacre continued for religious reasons for another 300 years. Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603) of Britain burned cats alive as part of her coronation celebration.”

Cat’s Wednesday

"In Ypres, Belgium townspeople hurled cats from a belfry onto the cobbled streets below and then set them on fire in what came to be known as “Cat’s Wednesday”. The event combined gruesome entertainment and a culling of the cat population.

Ypres’ questionable form of pest control ended in 1817 after one lucky tabby reportedly landed unscathed (and ran away as fast as it could).

The event, called Kattenstoet (Festival of Cats), still takes place every year on May 2, though it now involves stuffed animals only.”


“Cat-burning (brûler les chats) is exactly what it sounds like.

This medieval French entertainment involved cats suspended over wood pyres, set in wicker cages, or strung from maypoles and then set alight. In some places, courimauds, or cat chasers, would drench a cat in flammable liquid, light it on fire, and then chase it through town.

The embers and charred bits of cat from these blazes would be collected and taken home for good luck!”

Beat the Cat out of the Barrel

This feline torture sport comes courtesy of medieval Denmark’s Carnival, or Fastelavn, a celebration of the start of Lent.

It was a family activity meant to purge evil omens; a black cat was believed to embody the spirit of winter, and before spring could arrive, it had to be banished.

The black cat was basically a living pinata; once it tumbled out, it was at risk of being further beaten if it didn’t scamper away quickly enough.

A Cat Queen and Cat King would be crowned based on battering performance.

Head-butting the cat

The most grisly and weird cat sport so far comes from the fair grounds of 17th-century Italy.

An unlucky cat would be nailed to a post or tree, and young men with hands bound behind their backs would take turns kneeling in front of it and slamming into it with their foreheads.

The cat did not fare well.

The great Cat Massacre

A group of French apprentices came to resent the house cats which were treated much better than they were. Not only were the apprentices mistreated, beaten and exposed to cold and horrible weather but they were fed “catfood”(rotting meat scraps) while the cats enjoyed their food. In an early form of worker’s protest, they decided to deal with the nuisance cats by slaughtering them so as to distress their masters.

One of the apprentices imitated a cat by screaming like one for several nights, making the printer and his wife despair. Finally, the printer ordered the cats rounded up and dispatched. The apprentices did this, rounded up all the cats they could find, beat them half to death and held a ‘trial’. They found the cats guilty of witchcraft and sentenced them to death by hanging.

“Meanwhile, on feast days all over Europe, as a symbolic means of driving out the Devil, cats were captured and tortured, tossed onto bonfires, set alight and chased through the streets, impaled on spits and roasted alive, burned at the stake, plunged into boiling water, whipped to death, and hurled from the tops of tall buildings, all in an atmosphere of a festive family fun day.”


"The victims are usually selected from a young age and come from broken homes, often with abusive parents. The MK Ultra process involves traumatising the victim so badly that the brain splits in two, forming a new personality called an alter. This alter is programmable in that it can be given a trigger phrase, in the same way a dog can be taught to sit. Techniques can include both physical and mental torture, for instance giving the victim a pet, then killing the pet in front of them some months later. MK Ultra is used extensively in Hollywood, to produce mind controlled puppets in the form of celebrities as well as sex slaves. It goes hand in hand with paedophilia."

Black cats are quintessential Halloween icons—and the number one costume choice for both elementary-aged children and women in their freshman year of college”

Parasites from Cats (Toxoplasma Gondii):

Etymologies & Definitions Relating to Cats

(offensive) A spiteful or angry woman. [from early 13thc.]

(slang) A prostitute. [from at least early 15thc.]

(slang, vulgar, African-American Vernacular) A vagina, a vulva; the female external genitalia.

(historical) A wheeled shelter, used in the Middle Ages as a siege weapon to allow assailants to approach enemy defences.


Covid Endgame

Beyond Meat

Sync Up

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from the arcing of our mind to magnetism of the heart,

no other story than going in to the source of outer parts,

born to remember: we never end when we know how we start.

Stars shine the way of an inner unseen,

revealed the veil of a tale that’s in between,

mastery of mystery, the myst tree that burns within,

inner gardens worth weathering starving through lies of separation that make some harden. Shake off shackles & redefine shekels that make persons a power for tyrants that trample. Seek first the kingdom between your two temples.

Sing out, as we won the now presence of mental.

Ascend bloom lotus, cherish devoted virtue,

love of wisdom as risen chrism fuels total Truth.

The soothsayer’s a cool player when it comes to using ewe,

they cop & flip a sacred gem that holds a light betrothed to you,

fishers of men made fissures in men so pair a sites make homes in U…

yet arise the lamb, Aries of your crown, to buck the system & tear lies down,

tears of an evanescent essence wash off the filth until we’re found:

the authentic ewe, combining double you, as twin torus of your bi-bull fully resound.

Trine to the t of an esoteric body, wine of the blood is my sweet mesmeric hobby,

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tripping tryptamine endogenous is never sloppy,

becoming breath as spirit springs beyond the name that’s not me,

for the love of this, eternal kiss, syncretic bliss, of the miss tree’s god key ∞

Love in All Ways, Always in Love,

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