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Evidence Of The Unseen: 11:11

New "Evidence Of The Unseen: 11:11" Video:

This year I've been processing through the stages of grief to the acceptance of what is happening in the world, namely the divergence of organic & synthetic timelines, most obviously manifesting towards the endgames of the organic transcendental single eye & synthetic transhumanistic singularity. Although I've been researching this potential for many years, this did not keep my heart from breaking when mass amounts of relatives and loved ones decided to participate and even encourage me to partake in what is objectively an experimental treatment with no longterm studies of side effects or consequences. As an artist who has felt the financial impact of the economic crisis that is ongoing, and as a student of health interested in terrain theory (as opposed to germ theory), I was at a standstill for many months, pondering how am I to survive with a collapsing economy & oppressive policies while maintaining my livelihood and integrity. The ultimate realization is that my best option is to explore platforms that are not censoring free speech & join with like minds to become self-sufficient living off the land to keep ahead of the trajectory of a two-tier society of those who submit to medical mandates and those who question experimental procedures or are simply pro-choice. I have slowly accepted that I'm likely to get booted from platforms such as Patreon who have joined the censorship train along with other major social media outlets who are killing the potential for dialogue and healthy discussion that authentic republics are build upon. I'm at peace with that, as it's important that I support platforms that reflect my deepest values. Moreover, when testify before my great grandchildren & The Almighty, I will, with the honor of knowing I did my best while exposing darkness.

All this leads me back to the roots of my faith, which are explored in a video I just published called "Evidence Of The Unseen: 11:11" where I update on my relocation to Bali, explore the notion of preterist eschatology in relationship to our current moment in time, update on the new stage my artistic expression has reached & offer thoughts on how chakras overlay onto virtues & vices:

I'll post to Patreon as long as I can, yet I'm drawing my line in the sand, exploring other platforms and have accepted that I am likely to lose connection with family and friends whom this is bound to offend by the massive amounts of pharmaceutically funded brainwashing skewed media (which I am still addressing and deprograming within myself) that tries to convince humanity we're victims to germ theory & the only option is to submit to a totalitarian technocratic medical dictatorship that dictates decisions over the minds and bodies of the masses. As most of my supporters are family and friends, I suspect I will have to start all over and demonstrate to the universe I am not afraid to lose what is out of alignment with my ethics. It has been unspeakably frustrating to invest my education, energy, creativity & life savings into my dream of living as an artist & have that quashed by fascist company policies & an unexpectedly rapid shift towards a new world order. However, I know my art is worth more than money & have I have inherited a priceless awareness of who I truly am in my spiritual core. Moreover, I know that evil contains within it the seed of its own destruction.

My gratitude to all for the support thus far, and for taking the time to absorb this content in full before letting labels distort your conception of how I am interpreting our current time & place. I offer refunds to those who have not received my promised patron perks during the time I have been processing these overwhelming prospects & emotions. I will likely be transitioning to Rokfin and other platforms who are not censoring free speech, which I see as the key basis of my highest aim: total sovereignty in the kingdom of Kryst.

I still cherish & respect my relatives and friends who have made their decision either way. Yet when the most popular show on Netflix is glorifying the murder of those who prefer to explore natural immunity, and when young developing children are being targeted in a pharmaceutical campaign with no longterm studies, it is far beyond time to speak the truth & shine a light.

I choose: love, life, faith, trust & Kryst.



I have also condensed a massive amount of research into these subjects in a short potent video highlighting reasons to question the mainstream narrative, as a reference for those who may think such thinking is dangerous, out of order or beyond the pale. This period of time will be remembered as one of the greatest culminations of deception ever to befall mankind:

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