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P.A.D.R.E. : Prana Absorption, Diet, Regeneration & Energy

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Disclaimer: This is not medical or health advice. The word “medical” comes from the Medici family & "health" is magnetic healing via grounding with your heals. This is an exploration of radical wholeness.


Galatians 4: 26

“But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all. “

Etymology of Jerusalem: from base of yarah "cast" + shalom “wholeness.”

Truth Stages:

In physics, absorption of electro-magneticism is how matter takes up a photon's energy — and so transforms electromagnetic energy into internal energy of the absorber. A notable effect is to gradually reduce the intensity of light waves as they propagate through a medium.

No Guru: I don’t have time to play guru; divine devotion is a full-time joy.

As the good book says:

1 John 2: 27 King James Version

"The anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: yet as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him."

Using this website, we can decode our own translation with deeper meaning:

"The CHRISMA which ye have received FROM HERE abideth in you, and ye need not that ANY0NE teach you: yet as the same CHRISMA teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in ONESELF."


Chrism ascension’s activation of the 13th cranial nerve, aka terminal nerve, brings our innernet inline, giving us access via this terminal to the akashic records. This is the original trust-verified akashic blockchain system of our inner connection to the omniverse. May this process of becoming renew our senses, balance our power & regenerate soul.

“You are NOT what you eat, you ARE what you ABSORB!”

Diet Decode:

di (2)

e (energy)

t (body)

Diet refers to our 2 bodies of light (sol) & darkness (carbon)

-Cane (carbon body; spine) & A Bull (light aura)

Endocrine organs & luminaries tone the song we are, which names feign to replace.

We are songs within a universal symphony, toned by our inner organs & corresponding as without counterparts: the luminaries within the heavenly spheres of music.

We can experience this as a ringing in the ear, some call this tinnitus (From Latin tinnītus (“a jingling, ringing”) which it the rising sound of your frequency aka vibration.

One Ring to Rule the All

One Ring to Phi Them

One Ring to Sing the All

& in the Lightness Guide Them


Prana Density Levels & Chakra Correspondence

7: LIGHT (aura) (phosphorous) from Latin phosphorus "light-bringing,"

6: THOUGHT (word) (helium) Etymology From New Latin hēlium, from Ancient Greek ἥλιος (hḗlios, "sun")

5: AETHER (sound) (iodine) from Greek ioeides "violet-colored" (from ion "the violet; dark blue flower;"

Every cell in the body requires iodine. You can't make a single hormone without it, yet too many people don't get enough.

4: AIR (oxygen) from Greek oxys "sharp, acid" (from PIE root *ak- "be sharp, rise (out) to a point, pierce") + French -gène "something that produces" (from Greek -genes "formation, creation;" see -gen).

3: FIRE (nitrogen) nitro- ultimately from Egyptian nṯrj: to be(come) divine -gen γεννάω (gennáō, “I bring forth”.

2: WATER (hydrogen) {from Ancient Greek ὕδωρ (húdōr, “water”) + γεννάω (gennáō, “I bring forth”}

1: EARTH (carbon) {car (flesh) bon (good) good|}


Supplements as Symptomatic

B12 Seaweed

Dairy Substitutes

Origin of Addictions: mac & cheese, string cheese, juicy fruit bubble gum, sprite, sweet & sour chicken, fish fillet, processed sugar, ranch dressing, cream cheese, dried jerky, deep fried garlic cheese sticks, cookie dough, pizza, tacos, soups


Mind Unveiled:

John Rose:

Biblical based refutations for eating meat:

Proper Order to Clean Organs

-How did we arrive in this current situation? COLONization

-Blessed Herbs Kit:

Download PDF • 4.75MB


-Iridology as Foundation

-Kidney Filtration:

-skin cleaning protocol

-uric & carbonic acid

-Mucoid Plaque


WARNING (Tree as shadow & light)

-mucoid plaque:



-Pork Tape Worm

-Mind Control


Juice Feasting

-John Rose

-Nathan Von Dutch Juice Feast Book & Coaching:


Juice as Structured Water


-organic vs inorganic minerals


Hot Springs

Find A Spring:


Auto therapy




-Vitamin D


Firelight & Screen Addiction


Golden Dragon Breath & Buddha Belly Bliss Breath

Tetragrammaton & Elements

-Oxygen 8

-Nitrogen 7

-Carbon 6

-Hydrogen 1

-Adds to 22 Master Builder

Composition of Watermelon

  • Citrulline C6H13N3O3

  • Arginine C6H14N4O2

  • Phenolic antioxidants (simplest one) C6H5OH

  • lycopene C40H56

  • Vitamin A

  • Lutein

  • Zeaxanthin C40H56O2

  • Cryptoxanthin C40H56O


432HZ Music

-Long Count Time Cycles

-48 original Constellations x 9 is 432




Essene Gospel of Peace:


Quantum Entanglement:


Blue Blocking Glasses

Aura, Torah, Tora, Rota, A Tor, Orat, Ra To


Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul Charts


Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen

Best Raw Food Prep Book:

Tao Lore:

Best Cooking Materials: glass steamers, silicone lids & spatula, wood, glass tupperware,

Raw Food Communities

Vegetarian Cooked Community

-Essene Church of Oregon:

Singularity Sense:

Squatty Potty

Mucusless Diet Healing System:

Dr Sebi Alkaline Food List:

Dr Robert Morse:

Cell Salts:

Food Combining:

Food For Symtoms:


We are invited to return to our Natural essence, however expect to put in as much work as one has done to be in their current position. We are eternal beings, so we may as well invest in our timelessness.

Juice Feasting is the most singularly powerful & effective tool to speed up the process & accomplish multiple goals at once.

If you are overwhelmed by the amount of info, start with the Essene Gospel of Peace linked above.

Essentially, we must remove acids & toxins from our body in order to return to finer forms of prana.




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